Phoenix Car Accident Statistics 

Vehicle collisions happen all the time, and not every vehicle crash can be prevented. Why, then, do we study auto wrecks statistics? There is much to be learned from statistics. They can tell us where most vehicle accidents are occurring, which can help us to avoid those places or fix the issues that are causing the crashes. Statistics can help us to understand what behaviors are dangerous, so we can avoid engaging in those behaviors ourselves or watch out for people who are behaving in a dangerous manner. Statistics can help you to protect yourself and your family from being hurt in a car accident in Phoenix. 

Auto Wreck Statistics in Phoenix and Throughout Arizona

Here are some important statistics from 2017 that might be able to help you. Those willing to drive intoxicated has decreased since 2008. Thanks, in part, to growing awareness and the convenience of rideshare services. However, there has been an increase in drugged driving. You already know that wearing your seatbelt is important. Here are the statistics to back up that idea. In 2017, 230 people were killed in auto wrecks in Arizona because they weren’t wearing their seat belts. Did you know that most accidents don’t happen on freeways? 70 percent of accidents happen on city streets. Only 30 percent of accidents happen on freeways or highways. Speeding continues to be a huge factor in causing or contributing to accidents. 285 deadly crashes were related to speeding in 2017. The more populous your cities, the more likely auto wrecks are to occur. In 2017, 127,064 total auto accidents occurred in all of Arizona. 39,131 of those accidents occurred in Phoenix and caused injuries to the victims.

Partner with a Car Crash Lawyer in Phoenix

Hopefully, reading about these statistics has been beneficial for you. If you’ve already been injured in an auto wreck, you might need a different kind of help. You might need a lawyer’s assistance with filing a car accident injury claim. Reach out to a Phoenix car accident lawyer for help with your claim. The Law Offices of Michael Cordova can be reached by calling 602-265-6700 or you can visit our website to learn more. You can speak to a lawyer about your auto injury case for free in an initial case review.


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